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Registration in any of the classes or workshop will be confirmed only after completion of the registration form and required payment. We ask you to carefully read our terms and conditions and the information regarding “Fitness to participate” before registering. In case of any doubt do not hesitate in contacting us before finalizing your registration. Please notice that we are unable to save a place for you without previous payment.

Fitness to Participate Conditions

EQness provides dance and meditation services under the assumption that the person taking part in them is fit to participate in the classes they register.

EQness or any of our instructors cannot be responsible for your health and fitness.

Keep in mind that by accepting this Agreement, you as a student agrees that: your level of health and fitness is adequate to participate in our dance or meditation classes and that participating in classes is done entirely at your own risk.

In case of doubts regarding our classes being suitable for you, we advise you to seek medical advice before registering to any of our classes or starting any exercise or meditation program. Where you have a Medical Condition, it is important and we require that you talk beforehand to a medical practitioner about the intention to participate in any of our classes.

Let us know if there are any pre-existing conditions such as a previous injury, illness, or if you are or become pregnant and please share with us the suggestions made by your doctor.

Additionally, if you want to take part in our meditation classes or workshops and you suffer a mental condition, are under medication or treatment please consult your GP before registering and please let us know the advice given by your doctor.

Please follow the following recommendations during our dance or mindful movement classes:

  1. Remember to bring water to hydrate during and after the class.
  2. Be mindful of and patient with your level of flexibility and range of motion. Each body is different! Start slowly and build up each movement with practice according to your ability. Dance and movements should not feel painful at any times, although body ache can appear after a period of passivity or when training new muscles. Let us know if you have abnormal, persistent pain and consult a medical practitioner if necessary.
  3. Warm-Up and Cool-Down are important elements during our dance classes, since the first one prepares the body to avoid injuries and the latter help the body to return to its basal state. The consequences of neglecting to take part in these practices are your responsibility. For this reason we suggest that you arrive on time to our classes (on-site or online).

Class Hygiene

No food is permitted in the Studio unless food is an essential part of the practice (mindful eating classes).

Students are required to wipe down their mats and/or equipment using a towel with the supplied cleaner after all classes in order to maintain hygiene standards.

Conduct During Our Classes

In order to provide an enjoyable experience for all, we will not tolerate any type of verbal or physical abuse.

Covid – Safe Classes

Following our Covid-Safe safety plan, students must:

We monitor daily the health guidelines for our on-site classes provided by the relevant entity.

In case of contraindications regarding face-to-face classes, these will be provided online via zoom.

In case of you not being able to access these online classes we will provide you with course credit for a later term.

Online Classes

To take part in our online classes, you will need a suitable equipment and an adequate internet connection as well as some comfortable space for the practice. These three elements are your responsibility. Make sure you have all those ready and are on-time for the class.

During dance classes, please pay special attention to the set-up of your camera, keep in mind that to provide good feedback the teacher should be able to see the full body.

Be aware that during live-streaming sessions it is possible that your image will be visible to other students or participants. Please let us if this supposes an issue for you.

Notice that classes are not recorded and link for further access to the class will not be provided unless specified.

People that have not registered in the classes are not allowed during the sessions.

By signing our Terms and Conditions agreement, you confirm that you will not:

  1. Share the class login details.
  2. Record the class without authorization.
  3. Distribute the class with people alien to the class.

Refund Policy

Our classes may be cancelled if we do not reach the minimum number of students. In this case a full refund will be offered.

We use a 10-week block system for enrolment in our classes. They must be paid in full before the first class of the starting term. Please be aware that a 10 – block class pass is non-transferable across terms.

Following the policies established by the NSW Office of Fair-Trading refunds cannot be given if:

  1. You change your mind or make a wrong decision.
  2. You are not able to take part in the classes for reasons beyond our control, which include but are not limited to: problems with transportation, personal commitments, vacations, injury or illness, problems with your internet connection, equipment or space during online classes.


In case of serious unexpected circumstances (medical or personal) that will prevent you from participating in the enrolled classes, please let us know as soon as possible, as mentioned above refunds are not available, but partial transfer of credit of the remaining classes may be possible if the same course is opened in a later term.

For situations in which a sudden medical condition prevents you from permanently taking part in the enrolled classes, a medical certificate stating this condition from a qualified medical practitioner is required. This certificate may entitle you to a refund proportional to the value of the remaining classes starting from the date when we were notified.


Please feel free to send an email to contact@luciaaran.com, in case of questions or doubts regarding this document.

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